"Honey, I shrunk the pictures!"

If for some reason the Shrink-a-matic isn't working, try shrinking them at ShrinkPictures.com

Because images can be quite large, Beaufort bookoo limits the size of 50 KB (that's kilobytes, for the technically minded). If your image is bigger than that, you will receive a related message. You will need to shrink the image to make it small enough to post with your item. Here's the solution to all of your image-posting problems.

  1. Check the size of your picture (must be less than 50KB) by either:
    • Right-clicking on the image and viewing the "Properties," or
    • Browsing to the picture in Windows Explorer, highlighting the file, and looking at the info

  2. If the file is larger than 50 KB, you will need to "resize" your image in an imaging program. Your digital camera came with software for downloading and editing your images and will give you the ability to do this.

    By default, your digital camera will take quite large pictures. You will want to shrink the dimensions of your image. Maximum dimensions should be 480 pixels by 320 pixels (about 4" x 3"). This should make it less than 50 KB.

  3. Save the file and check the file size to make sure it is less than 50KB. If not, repeat the above steps as needed.

  4. Here are some common image software and how to edit your picture:

  5. Still need help? If so, give us a holler and we'll come to your rescue.

Canon ZoomBrowser

If you have ZoomBrowser, it's quite easy:

  1. Click [View & Modify] in the main window.
  2. Click [Export Images] in the next menu.
  3. In the Browsing Area, select images and click [Next]. You can select multiple images or a folder and have the images in the folder included.
  4. Select an export option and click [Next]. (choose the first one, Edit Images and Resave)
  5. Set the Export Settings You will want to make the picture size 480x320 pixels or 320x240 pixels, and save as JPEG format. The window will show you how big (in KB) the resulting files will be.
  6. Click [Finish]. This will export the image(s) to the place you specified on the options page.

Microsoft Paint

If you have Microsoft XP or higher, you may be able to resize your images in Microsoft Paint. (Start -> Programs -> Accessories). Once the image is open, select Image -> Stretch/Skew and change the "Horizontal" and "Vertical" percentages to be an identical, smaller number. Save the file as a new name (to avoid overwriting the original).

Nikon View

Nikon digital cameras can create large, high resolution images great for many uses. These images may be too large for emailing and using on web pages, however, they can easily be resized to work well for these applications. Follow these steps after shooting and transferring the images to your computer:
  1. In Nikon View Browser click the image you want to make smaller and then choose "Edit in Nikon Editor" from the Edit icon in the toolbar.
  2. Once the image opens in Nikon Editor choose "Tool Pallet 1" from the "View" menu.
  3. In the "General Adjustments" section click the "Image Size" button and use the pop-up menu to choose a size around 800x600 or so. This makes a nice full screen image for email. Click "Ok"
  4. Go to the "Edit" menu and choose "Save as" and give it a new name and tell it where to save. You can use the "Use Compression" pop-up menu to decide how much compression to use. The more compression the smaller the file, but the "worse" the quality.
The names and locations of these buttons may change slightly depending on which version of Nikon View you are using.

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